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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A lot of people who know me online know that I'm not Christian. Actually pretty much everywhere I'm openly pagan, except at home. At home my mother thinks that there's something going on but I keep sctum about it. I remember the three hour (at least) argument my sister had with mom and dad about being atheist All that ended that conversation was my sister storming off in high dudgeon and refusing to broach it again with them.

I so hate confrontation, I seriously avoid it in my life, though I really should confront some stuff lurking I tend to avoid it and pretend I'm fine, but I'm not. I bottle stuff up until like vesuvious it erupts, blowing bile and ire in all directions. I sometimes even find myself apologising for my opinion! As if somehow I have no right to it.

And then I have to wonder would I capitulate, bow to the pressure, pretend for the sake of peace? Cast off my paganism and be a paper Christian?

And I probably would, and you know that would be worse than not telling the truth.


Blogger Gaynor said...

That is a tough one...I am not a catholic..living in Ireland as a non-catholic is not always a good thing..but I am a baptist and that lets me off the hook a bit..
I think everyone's beliefs is a personal matter...and therefore no ones business unless you want it to be. So dont be pressurised into being a paper christian...As a christian, I would not want you to...and you dont want to...so really by being yourself, everyone should be happy!
As for mum's and parents in general..I have never made my mum happy...think she kindda likes it that way lol ;-)

Thank you for coming on my blog..your are in the draw whatever your beliefs hehe...
And this is all a little tongue in cheek so please do not take offence lol

10:46 p.m.  

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