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Saturday, February 26, 2005

I have forgotten things that happened to me, and remembered things that used to feel important and now feel like they are a waste of time, uninteresting, stupid even and I wonder why it is that I held on to these memories. What is it in my mind that puts these memories into the places that they are and makes them sit there and occasionally burst forth from my mind. Sometimes they are vivid, sometimes only a sensations is recorded leaving me wanting more.

Memory is a tricky thing, when things happen to you you really think that they are important, sometimes they actually are, when you remember them sometimes you wonder will anyone care in 100 years, or even next year. Sometimes that depresses me,. the idea that sometime in the future, even though I've been trying to live a good life that sometime in the future no-one will care about me or my life or even the fact that I existed, kinda depressing really.


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